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Funded Work


Project mCog

Project mCog (i.e., Mobile Cognition) is a cross-disciplinary collaboration aimed at understanding mobile technology and daily mobility. The project was funded by the School of Communication and Translational Data Analytics Institute (TDAI) at OSU (PI: Joe Bayer). The overall project encompasses GPS sensing, digital logging, experience sampling, and online surveys, with the global goal of explicating the psychological processes underlying human movement in combination with human communication. See more information about mCog, along with current publications, on our project page on the Open Science Framework.


WhatsApp Grant

This project materialized out of an accepted research proposal entitled "Social Shaping of (Mis)information through WhatsApp" (w/ Ozan Kuru and Scott Campbell). The project was funded through the Misinformation and Social Science Research Awards initiative by WhatsApp (owned by Meta Inc.). The cross-country survey study (USA, Turkey, Singapore) has resulted in a series of publications untangling the dynamics of mobile misinformation via WhatsApp users (see example publication here).


Facebook Grant

This project emerged out of an accepted research proposal to Meta entitled "Psychological Variations in Perceptions and Actions towards Hate Content" (w/ Muniba Saleem). The project was funded via the Content Governance Awards initiative by Facebook (owned by Meta Inc.). To understand how users engage with newsfeeds (and hate content) in a more realistic manner, our team developed a naturalistic browsing interface. We then conducted a nationally representative survey to understand the psychological predictors of in-the-moment user engagement.


Infegy Atlas

As part of my Associate Professor role in the School of Communication, I manage research and teaching tied to Infegy Atlas: a social listening platform. The established market research tool allows for OSU researchers (and emerging student-researchers) to collect data from a wide array of public social media sources. For more information about the use of Infegy Atlas at OSU, as well as potential collaboration or consulting opportunities, please use the contact form below.

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