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Published Papers

The following papers highlight some key perspectives from my research. Please see Google Scholar for a complete list of publications.


Detecting and Designing Social Media Habits

Published in Current Opinion in Psychology, this paper reviews the state of research on social media habits and their implications for well-being and addictive behavior. Looking forward, we project how future researchers and designers will have the potential to detect (un)healthy habitual processes via digital tracking.

Projecting How Our Social Cognition is Changing

Published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, this paper synthesizes research on cognitive social networks: the people on our minds in the background of daily life. Looking ahead, we discuss how emerging communication technologies increasingly have the potential to shape the people on our minds -- and thus our moment-to-moment social cognition.


Theorizing the Psychology
of Constant Connectivity

Published in Communication Theory, this paper proposes a social cognitive model of checking habits. The model offers a framework for researchers to understand the psychological processes underlying when and where individuals are driven to check their phone. In particular, the paper describes the different types of habitual checking triggers -- i.e., connection cues -- that drive  social cognition and behavior in contemporary life. 

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